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December Must Haves

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures, credit goes to those who have taken the picture. If this is your picture and are not comfortable with me using them in this post, please leave me a message and I will edit it out.

So these are my December Must Haves! I’m going to go one by one and explain why;

B&BW Candle: I feel like unless you are sensitive to strong scents, you need one of these candles in your room during December. Bath and Body Works makes all sorts of scents that are custom to the season, and give your room a warm feeling during the cold weather.

Dark Shade of Lipstick: I personally love wearing dark shades of lipstick since it fits my skin tone better, but it feels better to wear them in the winter because of all the tones and it stands out.

Hot Chocolate: I’m one of those people who can not drink mostly any kind of hot drink. I will drink frappe’s year round! Hot Chocolate, how ever, is something I can bear with and actually love. I can’t really drink much of it in the summer since it’s too hot but it’s just right for this time of the year!

Scarves: Basically, I like wearing scarves because it helps me avoid having my face freeze of like scarves are life savers man.

Nail Polish: Again, I like my dark shades in the winter season, and you can have so many festive designs done during the holidays. I love taking advantage of using dark shades during the winter, and this is one way to do so.

Boots: I am not talking Uggs guys! Yes, they’re pretty amazing but they won’t protect you from the cold and water or snow can go right through them. You really don’t want cold feet in this weather. Go for combat boots! They keep your feet dry and warm, and are more sturdy so you won’t slip and fall as easily on ice.

Sweater: Its Sweater Weather! I love sweaters, and I can’t wear them in the spring or summer so I try and wear a lot of sweaters and sweat shirts during the fall and winter seasons. Plus, you can layer them in so many ways.

EOS: Ok guys, so I used to think these things were stupid, but then my bestie (Fredrica) bought me one and I’ve been addicted to them since. They really help your lips, they make them look fuller and keep away that look of being dry. Not only that, but once you start applying it, you’ll find yourself re-applying it multiple times! A tip I learned is that you should put lip balm on before you go to sleep to you can wake up with perfect looking lips!

That’s it for my must haves, but what are yours? Leave me a message in my ask, you may inspire me to buy something new! Thanks for reading lovelies!

-Love, Chasingth4tdream

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