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I’m going to be out a lot this weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to get more pictures to upload this weekend! :)

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I’ve been procrastinating so much today, I missed two days of school and I have so much to catch on (though gov is killing me the most). Not prepared to go back tomorrow even though I’ve had four days off.

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Not that anyone will really read this but I won’t be upload for about a week or two. Got a bad fever this weekend and I’m still sorting out my whole schedule for this year.

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Washi tape sets are the best thing they sell at Office Depot, seriously in love with using these on my binders and notebooks! Missing the green one though.

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Soda floats are necessary for bad days.

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I take pride in owning this shirt.

From the Bethany Mota collection at Aeropostale

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Hey guys! You all liked my Freshmen Survival Guide so much so I thought I’d start making more posts like it, and since everyone’s still getting into the whole gist of school I thought I’d make a post about the actual work. We all hate it, but we gotta do it anyways, and some techniques can be fun or just make you feel accomplished once you’ve finished. Hope you guys like it!

Your Learning Type

Finding your learning type can help you study better! Here are a few links to tests you can take.

Based on your results, here are some links on what you can do to study.

  • Auditory Learner:
  • Visual Learner:
  • Kinesthetic Learner:

Based on your results, use those tips when it comes to studying!

Note Taking

  • Try to make sure your notes are neat, or at least neat enough that you can understand them
  • Use color to make your notes interesting
  • If you have a fast speaking teacher who doesn’t seem to want to stop and breath for a millisecond, use text language and shorter terms. You can always re-write the notes later if you’re not a fan of text language
  • Don’t just take the notes in class and leave them in your locker, take them home and re-read them! Even re-reading them a couple times can help you remember, and usually when you take the notes in class you don’t actually pick up on the information
  • Use headers or subtitles when the subject is changed. It helps you find specific notes faster. It also helps if you’re doing work based on the notes and trying to find something faster

Test Taking

  • I’m going to state the obvious: eat a healthy breakfast and get a lot of sleep! It helps more than you think. Healthy food is brain food, it keeps your brain running and helps you remember things. If you have trouble sleeping at night, take a sleeping pill. It’s not good to take them all the time, but every once in a while is okay if you really need it
  • Even with a good night’s sleep, you can still feel super tired. Exercise every other day can help, it helps you feel energized and you especially need that when you’re taking a test. Just go out for a walk, bike around your neighborhood, anything you can think of to get moving. Just thirty minutes of exercise can help you more than you think.
  • If you feel nervous in a normal classroom setting while taking tests, talk to your teachers or counselor about taking tests in a private room or in the hallway. I personally prefer to take tests alone because I feel pressured and scared of doing something embarrassing in a quiet room, so I can never concentrate as well as I can when I’m alone.


  • Don’t let teachers being rude or too harsh get to you, it can hurt but you shouldn’t let their ignorance get in the way of getting a good grade
  • Some teachers have high expectations and never think of how that can scare students. They never tell you “Do your best, I know you’re all smart and capable of doing the best in this class and I believe in you”. They never say that, they’ll just give you a lot of work and expect you to do it all and understand everything they say and get good grades. If you don’t, then they think there’s something wrong with you. I know this is scary but just know that there are other people who believe you can succeed, including me. You just have to work hard and believe in your self but most of all, do your best. If your best isn’t good enough for them, then forget them! Everyone’s smart in their own way, including you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions from teachers. Yes, some might get annoyed, but most like questions because they can talk more and I guess if they’re teachers they like talking.

Dealing With a Lot of Work

  • Try to get things done as soon as you can. I know it’s nice to come home, watch TV and eat junk food, and procrastinate, but getting things done leaves time for you to do anything else.
  • If you get work on the weekend and you have the whole weekend unplanned, take your time. Do some of your work, take a break, and then do some more. If you have plans however, it’s good to get things done right after school on Friday so you have the rest of the weekend free, then revise on Sunday so everything’s still fresh in your head.
  • Get together with a friend or group of friends and get your work done or study. Completing assignments together will help you get the work done faster and understand the concept better if you have a hard time with it. Studying notes together can be helpful too, you can quiz each other and help with anything you might not understand

That’s it! All I can think of anyways, but if you have any questions you can message me here and I’ll give you my best advice. I hope you all have an amazing school year… well, as amazing as it can be anyways!

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Making a new advice post on studying, note taking, and effectively learning soon! Keep your eyes open for it :)

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Just to let you guys know, I set my pictures up on a queue so you’ll get a new picture everyday. Right now my queue is set up to post until 2 weeks from now and I’ll continuously keep on adding pictures! Hope you guys like my next few posts :)

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Sometimes the people on Tumblr seriously make me mad.

Seriously, some people skinny shame and some people fat shame but no one seems to get it.

Both of them are so bad. S/he looks so skinny, s/he looks fat, s/he looks anorexic, s/he looks obese. What’s the point to even saying these things, when you know they’ll only bring people down. Some people are insecure because they feel too skinny and some because they feel like they’re fat.

Why can’t every type be beautiful. People with or with out curves, people with or with out a thing gap, people with a higher weight on the scale and people with a lower weight on the scale. Who has the right to define one as beauty and the other as gruesome? Why can’t being either be beautiful? 

The point is, you’re freaking beautiful. You’re not too fat, you’re not too skinny, you’re fine the way you are. Please, please remember that.