I wanted to be a mother quacking duck.
Who needs pumpkin lattes when you have pumpkin ice cream?
Yeah I’m seriously craving one of these right now.
I think I may start doing OOTD’s with my web camera because it’s easier and it’s a little more original.
Striped Button Up Shirt : Kinda old so I have no idea where it’s from
US Flag Lips Crop Top : Bethany Mota Collection from Aeropostale
Hey guys, my name is Shabnam aka Tumblr user chasingth4tdream. I enjoy singing, hanging out with friends, taking pictures, fashion, makeup, and more. I’m a personal blog where I post all of my photography, DIY’s, advice posts, and more. I follow any blogs I can relate too, and you can feel free to message me! I also run the blog goldenloves where I reblog to my hearts content if you want to follow a blog with more of a vintage/rosy theme. Anyways, I hope you have an amazing day loves! x
Pumpkin Muffin & Pumpkin Ice Coffee from Dunkin Donuts
It came out blurry but I like how it looks.
Sweater - Forever21
Jeggings - Kohls
Shoes - Forever21
Finally got a new phone so I might post pictures like this more often! 😊
Washi tape sets are the best thing they sell at Office Depot, seriously in love with using these on my binders and notebooks! Missing the green one though.
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