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Cruelty Free Products : Why We Should Use Them

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One of the blogs I follow ( simplysarahtran ) recently switched to cruelty free products, and when a follower asked her why she shared this video. When I clicked the link I thought it would be someone explaining why it’s better to use cruelty free products, but instead it started of with this performance and Lush employees explaining the point of the demonstration. The brutality of this performance shows us what animals used for testing have to go through and how their lives end in such a bad way. After seeing this I’ll definitely be switching to cruelty free products Watch the video here.

Update: No Motivation

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I literally have no motivation to get up and take pictures lately. Since summer has started, I’ve either been in bed watching movies or TV show or making myself sad by thinking of things going on in my life that I can’t control. I have so many ideas for photo ops but I just can’t seem to find the motivation. I’m going to try, but at the moment it’s just hard to be motivated now that I can allow myself to be lazy and not do anything since I no longer have the responsibilities and stress of school.

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I’ve recently begun washing my makeup brushes more often. I just put them in this jar with water and some baby soap in it to clean them out, and then put them on a towel to dry. 

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Theme Complications

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I found this amazing theme for my blog and I’m trying to figure it out but at the moment it’s not working out, so if you visit my blog please excuse the mess! 

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Sorry I haven’t been posting too much! Busy with my music, school, and typical stupid drama. Summer vacation is two weeks away so hopefully I’ll be able to get more photo ops soon :)

Update: Sprained Ankle & School

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I haven’t even been able to get on my computer for such a long time because last Monday I sprained my ankle playing football for PE and there’s been so much going on with school, in addition to other personal problems. I’ll start posting again as soon as possible! 

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This is cheese fries pizza and it is the most amazing thing ever.